Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend Round-up

The weekend was pretty busy for me so I wasn't able to blog however I did get pictures of my outfits and have decided to group them in one big post today.  

Friday was super cold (BURR) so instead of breaking out my winter coat I broke out my heavy duty sweater wrap thingy I got from express God knows how many years ago... I am in love with it and I cant see myself giving it up any time soon.....

Scarf- Gifted
long sleeve t-shirt- Target
Sweater- Express (old)
Pants- The limited (old)
shoes- Express

Sunday was a pretty chill day, I ran errands and chilled at the crib with my babe, before I left though we took Jackson (the dog) for a walk and decided to take some pictures while we were out. 

Sweater- J Crew
button up- Gifted
Jeans- The limited (old)
Shoes- Express

"Sit Jackson"

Trying to start my week off on the good foot. This week is going to be VERY busy for me with family, school and work.... there is just not enough hours in the day.  I went to see my 2nd Grade observation class today, technically I am done with my hours but for some reason I enjoy this class... even though half of the students are crazy lol I just cant stay away. 

Vest- Gap
Button up- Gifted
Jeans- The Limited (old)
Boots- Express
Necklace- American Eagle (old)
Ring- Forever 21 (old)
Watch- Guess
Earrings- American Eagle 

Happy Monday Folks!!!

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