Monday, December 19, 2011


So I wore a REALLY cute skirt on top of all black everything to my Sister's graduation on saturday (Second masters in Education Administration from Campbell University) and took ALL these pictures on my camera that my brother in law dropped and broke (the lense will no longer retract and extend) that morning. So inevitably for the time being I am back to taking photo's with my iphone and I am horribly upset over it.  That was a $300 camera and I am afraid I wont get the exact one replaced.  So I have finally stopped sulking long enough to get pictures of my outfit today. Because I wanted to be daring.....

Scarf- J. Crew
Blazer- Express
Button up- Target
Shorts- American Eagle
Fuschia Belt- Target
Tights- Target
Booties- Express
Earrings- Gifted
Bracelet- Express

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