Monday, January 23, 2012

First day of classes

Tonight I have my first class of the semester, I am uber excited to get this semester rolling. I am going to be insanely busy but I kind of like that, helps me not slack off.  We are graded on our disposition (attitude and attire) so I try to dress up somewhat when I have class, workshops or meetings on campus.  The weather here is so EEHHH so I couldn't wear a skirt like I initially wanted so dress pants it is.

coat- United Colors of Benneton (old)
Shirt- Ny&Co
Vest- Ny&Co
Wide leg Dress pants- Ny&Co
Heels- Nine West
Multi-Color bracelet- Ny&Co
Watch- Guess


  1. You look great for your first day of class. I love the argyle and those trousers! I think the trousers will work just fine, you didn't need to wear a skirt ;) Good luck this semester !


  2. You look awesome! I think the outfit is perfect. The sweater vest rocks!