Thursday, January 26, 2012

Polka dots Polka Dots

Today was my first day this semester going back to the elementary school in which I do my observations. I was excited because of the new semester I can request a new teacher and grade, both of which were granted with no problems.  So for the remainder of the semester I will be shadowing 5th grade, the teachers rotate classes so I will be able to work under a few different teachers towards the end of the semester. I honestly can't describe how happy I am with my new placement especially after the craziness that occurred last semester with 2nd grade.

I went thrifting and found this colorful polka dot thing, I don't know if its a scarf or what, but HAD to have it, I saw a million and 1 outfits floating in my head. What do you guys think?

Blazer- Express (old)
Turtleneck- Gap
Jeans- Levi's
Flats- Express
Scarf/Tie thingy- thrifted
Earrings- Thrifted
Bracelet- Thrifted
Watch- Gifted

What was funny was the receptionist at the school was like she was happy I was back so now she could see my MANY looks! She swears I look different every time I go to the school.


  1. Hey there! At first glance I thought that was a pussy bow blouse worn under a sweater, until I read your post. Well, I was wrong but the the scarf thingy is right none the It is too cute!


  2. Now that you mention it, it does kind of look like a bussy bow blouse. I am in love with this thing though let me tell you!! Thank you lots!

  3. You look so adorable and ready for those 5th I love the red hot flats and the scarf (I want it)...beautiful!