Friday, February 3, 2012

Hey Hey Hey

That's in my Fat Albert voice! Its Friday and boy am I happy, I get to chill this weekend... well not really because Ill be staying in doing my homework, but I don't have plans with friends and I am looking forward to the down time.  I picked this blazer up from my local goodwill store and have only worn it once since, I was determined to bring it out of the corner of my closet today. Check me out

Blazer- Thrifted
White Tee- Target
Jeans- American Eagle
Booties- Candies (Kohls)
Necklace- Gifted
Earrings- The Limited
Bracelet- Charlotte Russe


  1. Ok, so you know I LOVE your haircut you look great! Love that blazer!


  2. I love shopping at thrift stores too!! I found you and your blog on Chictopia and so glad I did! I love your style. I will be following and staying updated with your looks! :)

  3. Short hair ROCKS Inez, I feel like a new woman lol Thank you ladies for the love!!!

  4. LOVE the outfit! the blazer rocks with those blue jeans!