Thursday, February 9, 2012

I was affected

Ever have those days where you just walk into your closet and feel lost? Yeah well I had one of those days today, amongst all my clothes I had no clue what to wear..... It was cold as hell so you know what, layers it is.
Coat- United Colors of Benneton
Scarf- Target
Sweater- Gap
White shirt- American Eagle
Jeans- American Eagle
Booties- Gifted


  1. Okay - I am a bad bad bad follower...goodness! how come I am now noticing your beautiful haircut. WTH!! I had to go back and see when this took place - I am soooo sorry - I know I have commented on your outfits since you cut your hair, but didnt even notice - but it looks so good on you!! sorry :(

    1. lol Thank you!!! I am still loving it, not regretting the cut one bit