Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ouch, Im Ok

So right before taking these photos for my blog I rolled my fingers up in my car window and boy did it hurt!!!! Im a tough cookie so I will be alright, I think I was more angry that it messed up my nail polish more than being in pain, go figure.  Anyhoo a few years ago I was on a blogsite and saw this photo of beyonce and instantly fell in love with the look. That look is my inspiration for my outfit today.

Shirt- American Eagle
Suspenders- Hot Topic
Jeans- Ann Taylor Loft
Platform Pumps- Candies (kohls)
Sunnies- Gifted (NY&Co)

And much to my surprise I was awarded the Versatile Blogger and Kreativ Blogger awards by LaQuisha Hall of Corner Curl Girl ! This really made my heart smile, the positivity I have received from this fellow blogger since she discovered my blog has been greatly appreciated.  Thank you so much Corner Curl Girl!!!

I have to share 7 random facts about myself in acceptance of this award so here they are:

1. I am a band geek. I started out playing the clarinet, taught myself how to play flute, piccolo and violin, then my band teacher saw that I needed a bigger challenge and taught me to play tenor saxophone. I tried to teach myself trumpet and trombone to no avail, guess I'll stick to my woodwinds.  Sad thing is I forgot how to read music so I don't play any instruments anymore.

2. I don't have any tattoos, hopefully this will change when I grow a pair of cajunas.

3. I went to school on the beach (UNCW) but only actually went to the beach less than 5 times in the 4 years I did my undergraduate studies there.

4.  I am now in school to get my teaching licensure to teach k-6.

5.  I didn't start drinking and enjoying alcohol until about 3 years ago (that phase in college skipped me)

6.  I LOVE video games!! I'd play all day right along side my boo if I weren't so busy.

7.  I used to work for Gap as an seasonal employee 2 Christmas' in a row.

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  1. Cute look ... you should do more inspired outfits


  2. Gotta admit I love how you did this look :) You are really stylish - maybe we could follow each other? xx, Tina