Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Time to chill

I wear heels all the time, at least I feel like it. Today I knew I was going to observe my 5th graders so I decided to play it cool and dress down. I centered my outfit today around my grey chuck taylor's (Converse's).

beanie- Forever 21 (old)
Suede Vest- banana republic (old)
Men's button up-  Gifted
Jeans- American Eagle
Converse- DSW
Necklace- American Eagle (old)

and then I hit my dougie


  1. Cute! I have been wanting to style an all grey or grey and white outfit for the longest because my director wears the heck out of a grey suit that I love regularly. This outfit just puts more fire under my but to do so. I like!


    1. I cant wait to see what grey you put together. My closet is nothing, well was nothing but grey black and white. I am proud that Im venturing into color cause I love it!!

  2. I like this outfit alot - I love the converse. I want some so bad, but dont want to pay the prices I have seen so far..ugh - very cute honey.

    1. thank you. I got these from DSW for like 30 or 35 bucks, you can def find a good pair for not too much there or at journey's they are super comfy so hopefully you will be able to get a pair soon!