Thursday, March 22, 2012

Wishful Thinking

I just want to be somewhere with naturally blue water laid out......

Hat- American Eagle (old)
Jean Vest- American Eagle (old)
T-shirt- Target
Maxi Skirt- Express

and as you can tell I am having a bad hair day, hence the hat


  1. I want to lay out too, sis!! One more week until spring break for me!! :) I wish I could put a hat over this fro... Lol. You look so springy and chic!!

  2. You have such a pretty smile, love the vest and the entire look!

  3. Thanks.
    Thanks a whole lot.
    Thanks a whole lot for looking so darn cute in this outfit that now I feel the need to go out a buy a black, flowy maxi skirt.

    Thanks, again.