Friday, April 6, 2012

What Im listening to

I have never been Anti or Pro Nicki Minaj, but since subscribing to spotify I've had the chance to preview whole albums before actually purchasing them.  The first album I listened to through spotify was Rihanna's 'Talk that Talk' and I LOVED IT!! So anyway Nicki Minaj released her sophomore album 'Pink Friday- Roman Reloaded' this past Tuesday and I thought I'd take a listen to it. While her album reviews are HORRIBLE, I love this album and I've been listening to it non-stop since Wednesday!! The first half of her album is the rapper Nicki and the second half is the Pop singer/rapper Nicki and again I love it.  My absolute favorites on this album are

1. Champion- featuring Drake, Young Jeezy and Nas
(I am probably the biggest Jeezy fan ever)
2. I am Your Leader- featuring Rick Ross and Cam'Ron
3. Right by My Side- featuring Chris Brown
4. Starships (pop)
(When that beat drops I lose it!!)
5. Pound the Alarm (pop)

There is only one song I skip every time and I just dont like it and thats the track entitiled 'Marilyn Monroe'.  Just not feeling it.  If you have spotify give her album a chance, you just might like it like I do.  I think I am a fan now. 

Starships were meant to fly!

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  1. I just heard the album with my sister... I can't get through the songs because of all of the cursing, lol. I like the beats though, but I just needed to hear a clean version I think... :)