Saturday, May 5, 2012

Friday Night

My friend and I are highly interested in pole classes. I have taken a class before, however she isn't.  One studio in our town hosts a yearly amateur pole competition (name slips my mind), and they had a raffle to give away tickets to the VIP section of the competition complete with champagne and my friend won.  Since I introduced her to the group she decided to bring me along, not to mention we've known each other since 3rd grade, we always have a great time together and tonight was no different.  I decided to do a grown and sexy look tonight so this is what I wore.

Sheer Blouse- Urban Outfitters
Pencil Skirt- Francesca's Collection
Pumps- Candies (Kohls)
Leopard Clutch- Express

21 years of friendship

I was really trying to upload some videos of some of the performances from last night, but my piece of crap laptop is now having it right now..... in the near future..... 


  1. Beautiful skirt and leopard clutch i love it!

  2. love this outfit!great skirt and clutch :)