Thursday, May 3, 2012

Real Life

So about a week ago my laptop charger stopped working AND my battery stopped holding a charge.  My macbook is a 2006 and I've had it since 2007 so It's BEEN time for an upgrade.  I have been driving back and forth between my house and my sissy's because I have become accustomed to uploading my pics on a mac and my sis had a newer version.  Sure I could use my pc at the crib, but It's more of a hassle...... so yesterday I was tired from all the driving, hence my missing post from yesterday.  Then this morning my son couldn't keep ANYTHING down, not even liquids, I think my poor baby has some type of tummy flu, so I did not get to take pictures today. I'm not here to rant but some things in real life keep a girl busy sometimes.  Anyway here are the pics of my fit from yesterday.....

Tshirt- Gap
Jeans- American Eagle
Sandals- Candies (kohls)
Necklace- American Eagle
Clutch- DIY 

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I initially wanted this shirt from J. crew but was not willing to pay for however much it was at the time, forgot about it, then when I remembered it, it was sold out.  So I was super stoked when I walked into Gap earlier this week and saw this tshirt on a table. I had to have it!!! I can't find it online, so I am guessing its really new or really old, wouldn't hurt to check your local Gap if you are interested in the tee. 


  1. Love your casual style! Those distressed jeans are too cute and I'm loving that clutch! I've been under the weather too so I hope your son is feeling better :-)

    1. Thank you! I love the distressed jeans too, its hard to find a pair with the right amount of distress these days. I think it was a little stomach flu going around because I caught it too, I think we are both feeling better as of today. Thank you for your well wishes, hope you are feeling better as well.