Tuesday, May 8, 2012


I didn't know thrifting was such a HUGE movement until I came across Shana's blog last year.  I thought it was rather interesting to see the super cute garments she found for super cheap.  I fell in love with how she styled her looks and have been following her ever since.  The only that sucks about thrifting is that you find one of a kind pieces, so when you want to replicate a look you definitely have to use your imagination.  I just started so called "thrifting" myself about 2 months ago and became addicted immediately, since starting I have found some AMAZING stuff for CHEAP!!! I must say I am most proud of the blue skirt I found styled here (for an unbelievable 99 cents) and decided to share it with Shana and her followers.  Her followers find some amazing stuff and look great in them so I was totally surprised when she decided to announce little old me as thrifter of the week on her blog.  I thought I would share with you guys as well. Please check out the post here and check out her followers linked looks as well, might find a new blog you just LOVE.


  1. I love thrifiting, even though I have only gone to like 2 thrift stores...But it is so fun to find something amazing for such a great price :) And congratulations on being thrifter of the week on Shana's blog!

    1. why thank you Joyce!!! There is only one in my city that I frequent, luckily I decided to visit another one because thats where I found the skirt. I hope you find more to visit!!

  2. I love thrifting!! Have you seen my past blog posts on this? :)