Monday, June 25, 2012

Florally Feminine

Let's talk about J. Crew some more, I freakin love this store and their sister store Madewell (sucks there isn't one in Raleigh).  I have noticed that most of my purchases from J. Crew happen to be skirts and dresses and here is why, when you put on either of those particular items you just feel so lady-like in a classic way.  I really don't know how to put into words how I feel honestly but I feel damn good!! I recently went to a different J. Crew in the area and their sale selection of dresses and skirts were AMAZING! I may have to continue to go a little out of my way to visit that store more often. It doesn't hurt that the sales associates are super attentive.  Anyway I tried this dress on along with a few other items and as soon as that fabric graced my skin I knew I HAD to have the dress!!! The dress was originally $198 bucks but with the mark down, the extra percentage off and my student discount I ended up paying less than $45 for it.  WINNING!!!!!!

Dress- J. Crew
Shoes- Urbanog
Necklace- Ann Taylor
Bracelet- Ann Taylor (sold out online)

I get complimented on these shoes EVERYWHERE I go. All Men too!

Oh yeah I got my hair did yall!! I was at the stage where I couldn't deal with it anymore so before I drastically cut it all off again I decided to give it a break from chemicals and heat by getting a sew in.  So my babe, who takes majority of my photos for my blog is gone to Paris for the week, so my posts this week may be a little different, bear with me! 


  1. Absolutely beautiful! The dress is gorgeous! :)

  2. Omg that hair is fab!!!!!!!!! The entire look from head to toe is giving me Life:)

  3. I missed this!! I love your hair and outfit--you are killin' em, babe!!!! :D Love it...