Monday, July 9, 2012

I forgot

Those of you who have been following me for awhile may remember me posting about my love for jeans, like it is seriously out of control.  I will rack up on jeans before anything else. When I was younger all my mom wanted to put me in were dresses and all I wanted were jeans, she should be happy with me now, because I have a good collection of dresses and skirts starting up in my closet.  Anyway its been awhile since I last really wore a pair of jeans.  I got up this morning and was just NOT feeling heels and a skirt or a dress so I go looking for a specific pair of jeans but couldn't locate them.... then I ran across this pair and was like 'hoooooooooooooo', I can't believe I forgot all about these jeans. I honestly cant remember the last time I wore them, all I can say is I am kind of glad I didnt find the ones I was originally looking for!! Cheers to my Jean collection (look closely you can see I actually put make up on this morning!!)

Top- Ann Taylor Loft (old)
Jeans- American Eagle (very similar)
Flats- Express (old) (similar, similar, similar
Bag- Urban Outfitters (gifted)
Wooden bangles-  thrifted


  1. I see why you like jeans so much--they look great on you! You have a great physique... Loving that flip on the side too, girlie! Chic, chic, chic!! :D


  2. Jeans are amazing. They can be dressed up or down. You can't beat that, right??!!

  3. You look is so cute. I have about 4 pair of jeans that I wear over and over again because they fit me so well. Your jeans are hot and seem to fit perfectly!

  4. Nice jeans, check out my blog, if you like we can follow each other!