Monday, July 23, 2012

Polka Polka Dot Dot

I love Polka Dots! I mean who doesnt? My Saturday was pretty much a free day (no plans) so I decided to hit up Joann's to look for some fabric.  I was really looking for a white with black polka dot but they didnt have any so I settled, yeah I settled (I'll look for it later online). I wanted to make an A-line polka dot mini skirt, and thats what I set out to do.  I must say the skirt turned out pretty cute, the next one will be better though. check out my finished creation.

Making it a little more appropriate for work
Blazer- Express
Blouse- Forever 21
Skirt- DIY
Shoes- Express
Bracelets- Express
Necklace- Tiffany's


  1. Oh, I'm really envious of the way bright colours look on you :)

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  3. what a cute skirt :)

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  5. WOW! You made that? Adorable! Kiah

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