Saturday, July 21, 2012

The perfect shorts

One of my friends is into thrifting and fashion just as much as I am, so we are always giving each other the heads up on sales, steals and deals.  She just moved here from Greenville and I HAD to go see her.  I was just going to chit chat but left with some goodies.  Because she is so tiny, her thrifting "mom jeans" just doesn't work out, hence my blessing.  She gave me these pair of thrifted Levi's that fit PERFECTLY!! They make my booty look amazing, I plan to distress them some more but I just couldn't wait to wear them....

Dolman Sleeve Top- Express (old) Similar here
Shorts- Thrifted and gifted
Heels- Gifted
Necklace- Express (old)
Bracelet- Gifted
Ring- H&M

Im going to keep it real, I HATE ironing, so yeah my shirt is wrinkled........

I couldn't decide which purse to pair this look with so I tried both, I am feeling the less dressy option though.


  1. Replies
    1. lol Thanks Melissa, can you tell I HATE ironing?

  2. love the clutch :)

  3. Red is soooo your color.
    Love the shoes and love the clutch as well.
    New follower!
    Amazing style