Thursday, August 30, 2012

Loving Instagram

I love instagram! Who doesn't, right? I've had my IG for awhile now, I used it at first for taking random pics and family now it has slowly trickled into a way to spread the word about this little blog of mine. I just discovered statigram, which is basically the online version of Instagram PLUS!!  I update pics of my outfits on Instagram A LOT more frequently that I do on blogger, so if you are addicted to Instagram like I am follw ya girl!

Here are some of my most recent IG shots!


  1. I've never tried Instagram before. I here people talking about it but sociam networking is so finicky so I was waiting on the next big thing. I have so many sites I manage it gets hard to keep up, LOL. Love your photos hunni!

  2. Following you on IG already with id @Sugar_Plummy.Hope i get a follow back.