Sunday, August 12, 2012

Seventies Girl

Yeah I've been missing..... Thanks for continuing to check me out.  I was super sick for 5 days then afterwards I was just not motivated to do anything.  Anyway I went on a target run yesterday and found some goodies.  I am telling you I will go into target for one or two things and come out with some ish I know good and well I dont need, but I just couldnt resist.  I found some cheetah print heels for 8 bucks, a boatneck black dress for 15 and these wide leg pants for 8.  I couldnt pass up these pants they are just too cute!!! I'm glad to be back, check me out

Sunnies- RetroCity Sunglasses
Tank- Target
Pants- Target
Shoes- AldoShoes


  1. This is simplicity at its best swooning over our frames and those pants tdf

  2. Those pants look so comfy. Cute casual look hun!

  3. great pants :)