Sunday, October 14, 2012

Where did she think she was going

Its Fair time in NC! I HATE going to the fair, there is too many people, its cold, the prices are crazy and did I say there are too many people? However, that was all my kids talked about so we had to oblige their request and take them out there.  I honestly try not to go ANYWHERE looking bummy, thats just not my thing.  While at the fair I passed two women and I overheard one say to the other "where did she think she was going?" *shrugs*

Sweater- Gap (old)
Mini Skirt- H&M (old)
Leopard Print tights- Target
Booties- Gifted (old)
Crossbody purse- Target ($15 in store in variety of colors)


While at the fair the unimaginable happened... the power went out on a ride while my daughter and I were on it UPSIDE DOWN!!! Like seriously???? My worst fear played out, not just with me but with my kid and trust me I was NOT happy, after that ride I was more than happy to take my ass home.  See that's why I don't fool around with the fair.  My babe just happened to get it on video.....


  1. Wow. You look really nice. Very perfect for fall! xx

  2. No flipping way. Terrifying. Good thing you looked gorgeous for the ordeal.