Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Jean Jacket

I have a gang of denim vest but I had yet to buy a denim jacket and was longing to do so.  I am a very frugal shopper, If I cant get the item for the low low then I more than likely wont get it (shoes and purses don't). I was bored waiting at the mall for my friend to show up for dinner and decided I'd check out what was going on in American Eagle... I am glad I stopped in there!!! I found this denim jacket, a denim shirt (which I was also longing for) and a pair of distressed skinny jeans for less than $ 43, which is AWESOME considering the jacket alone was worth more than that buy itself.  I couldn't pass that deal up.  I love to see denim jackets paired with cute floral dresses and skirts (something my closet is also lacking) so I decided to go a little plain and let the jacket be my stand out piece.  What do you guys think about it?

Jean Jacket- American Eagle (in stores)
Tee- Gap
Skirt- DIY
Necklace- American Eagle (old)
Purse- Aldo Shoes

peep my lil dimple lol 


  1. Love ur jacket. :D

  2. I love this skirt! Wish I was that skilled with DIY