Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My New Style Crush

So awhile back I am looking through a magazine and I come across this picture.......

and I think hmm that color combination is rather hot, I wouldn't have paired that together but that's hot... then I am on one of my favorite fashion blogs (Fashionbombdaily.com) and I come across this photo......

that's when I find out this the a English girl group "The Saturdays".  The post was about the second girl from the left's look but really this girl with the bright yellow/green stood out to me. I am thinking hey I have seen her before (flashback first photo). So then I google the group and I come across this picture.

this chick and her style stands out to me once again.  I am like okay I need to find out who this girl is. Okay I could have easily went to their fan page or wikipedia but I was on another bloggers site and she did an Frankie inspired look and TADA I have this chick's name.....  Man on man I am in love, I love everything about her, her hair, her style, EVERYTHING... so lately when I have been wanting to just see some spring/summer styles I have been googling her.  Here are a few of my favorite looks from her.

Who are some of your style crushes (newly found or oldies)?

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