Wednesday, May 29, 2013

30 to 30 (post is picture heavy)

I hope all of you had a wonderful Memorial day weekend, remembering those who gave their life so that we could live a better one.  This past weekend I celebrated reaching the big 3-0..... it was AWESOME!! If you follow me on Instagram (@fattygirl218) then you have already seen a slew of pics already.  Seriously this has been the best birthday EVER and to reach a milestone without any major mishaps is a blessing.  To the most wonderful and loving man who thought to get my family and some of my closest friends in on this "30 to 30" idea..... WOW.  For 30 days leading up to my birthday a slew of friends and family gave me gifts and told me how much they appreciate me (tear).  All of my friends and family know I am a hard ass, meaning I never cry and their goal by the end of this was to make me shed a tear.  During the 30 days leading up to my birthday I did a lot of self reflecting, I came to realize that my lifelong goal of changing people's lives by the time I've left this earth has been reached and by my 30th year on this earth.  These people mean so much to me and it was awesome to know how much I truly mean to them.  Common sense would tell anybody that a surprise birthday party was coming at the end of the 30 days but I HONESTLY had no clue, never even thought about it, so to say I was truly surprised at my birthday dinner is an understatement.  Some friends that I haven't seen in years showed up to this birthday dinner and I must say it truly moved me to tears.  No worries because the ones who could not make the dinner made it into the montage video.  Below I am sharing some pics from that wonderful dinner AND the video that the mister put together which really had me boo hooing at my own birthday dinner.

30 to 30 Birthday Gifts

Day 1- Paramore tee shirt
Day 2- An upgraded version of my favorite red wine ‘Lambrusco’
Day 3- CD’s with some of my best friend since 3rd grade songs
Day 4- Nail Polish
Day 5- Nail Polish
Day 6- 30 pop rocks Candy
Day 7- A personalized Jewelry box filled with 30 personal letters
Day 8- Mani-Pedi
Day 9- Floral Blouse
Day 10- Spice Caddy
Day 11- Pink Ombre maxi skirt
Day 12- Necklace and bracelet
Day 13- Chunky necklace
Day 14- Candles and incense burner
Day 15- Gift card to target
Day 16- New headphones
Day 17- Book about teaching along with a plethora of classroom decoratives
Day 18- Breakfast in bed, flowers, new flat iron
Day 19- Necklace
Day 20- Lunch with an old pal, shoe clips and gift card to J. Crew
Day 21- Running shoes, website design upgrade (coming soon), new perfume
Day 22- Zumba class and dinner
Day 23- A teacher friend and her class threw me an in class party complete with cupcakes, cards from the students and gift cards to Gap and H&M
Day 24- A gift card to target
Day 25- Dress and liquor from Jamaica
Day 26- Birthday card, nail polish
Day 27- Sweet photo album “Look Book” and jewelry
Day 28- nail polish
Day 29- Hangover 3 movie night and custom made t-shirts
Day 30- The surprise Birthday party at “The Gravy” with closest family and friends and my favorite red velvet ice cream cake

*I am hoping to share with you guys the video montage that was put together, however the file is super large, so it may be awhile before I can figure out how to share it with you guys*

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