Friday, May 3, 2013

Hey Ya'll

Can I just say that the weather here in North Carolina has been sucky for over a week now, this is the worst start to spring ever.  I must remind you that I dont even get inspired if I dont see a little bit of sunshine, yes I know I still have to get dressed to go out in the rain, but trust me yall dont want to see that...... Finally today it's not as cold or as dreary as it has been and im back in the mood to blog.  It is finals week and I have been busy with that for the past two weeks, BUT I have found time to do some shopping (stay tuned for post on that). I dont have traditional tests as my finals, my finals consist of compiling everything I have done over the semester into an organized packet or a powerpoint presentation or in prezi, its stressful and thank God they are almost over! Good luck to anybody else out there burning the midnight oil studying and going through finals.

Sandals- Target ($8 in store)
Clutch- Target ($6 in store)
Earrings- J. Crew (old)
Bracelets- Express (old)


  1. great dress! :)

  2. Cute dress!

    xo, Kenya

    Kenya L Fashion Blog

  3. I love that dress woman! The weather has been really dreary for me too!