Thursday, October 10, 2013

Brighten my day

Seriously am I living in Seattle right now? It has been freaking gloomy and rainy and cold allllll week, I didnt sign up for this North Carolina!! Lets get it together for this weekend please.  On rainy day's I get sleepy, somewhat cranky and lazy. I need sunshine to function at 100%, unfortunately I cant afford to be anything but, so I need to take being happy into my own hands and I think I have done that by wearing something bright today!

Blazer- Express (Very Similar)
Sweater- Old Navy (Similar)
Blouse- J. Crew (Very similar)
Pants- Aeropostale (in stores)
Umbrella- Target
Watch- Target
Purse- Via Niroli c/o Belks
Earrings- The Limited
Heels- Zara