Sunday, February 23, 2014

Family Sunday

Days like to today remind me of the movie Soul Food, without all the drama.  Church, fellowship, good food, good laughs and quality times with the ones who love you the most, FAMILY.  Today was the last Sunday of celebrating black history month and the congregation was to wear African inspired attire, I didn't have any so I opted for classic black and white and enjoyed everyone else's gear.

Blouse- Express
High waist pants- Express
Heels-NastyGal (sold out)
Clutch-  Target (old) 


  1. Don't you love Sundays like that, they are the best!!! Love the look - are the bows on your pants or shoes?? either way I love it. I'm looking for heels with a huge bow on the side.

    1. I absolutely LOVE Sunday's like that, all I do is return home and take the longest nap ever after it's all said and done. Anyway here is the link ( for the heels with the huge bow on them, I actually made cuffs to go over my pumps following this tutorial until I can decide if I want to spend almost 200 on the real pair ( Hope this helps and thank you