Saturday, March 15, 2014

Excited and Humble

So here's the story...... I worked as a Genetics Lab Technician at Duke University.  Through work I met a young man by the name of Quintin.  Quintin and I become pretty good associates.  After several conversations (over the course of a couple years) he learns that I am a fashion blogger.  Quintin is also very into fashion, specifically local boutique owners and other bloggers.  Quintin invites me to the fashion show of a local boutique owner as well as introducing me to his friend, fellow blogger, Lawrence Spivey. I begin to follow Lawrence on Instagram (oh the 'Gram), which led to a follow back, which led to a mutual respect, which then led to him thinking of me for a local television spotlight.  Of course I couldn't say no, I was excited!!!

Originally the segment was supposed to air February 13, but it snowed the day before and if you are from the south, you already know with the possibility of snow EVERYTHING gets shut down.  So the segment was rescheduled for the 20th, but it snowed yet AGAIN.  I was starting to think this thing was never going to happen.  But patience is key.  This past thursday we were able to do the segment on our local news station TransitioningYour Wardrobe from Winter to Spring.  With Lawrence styling the male model and fellow blogger (and my soror) Yolande Macon styling me.  It was honestly one of the most exciting things to happen thus far in 2014, I would love to do it again!! I got to meet my local news anchor, who was super sweet, she took a selfie with me and I was able to work with other bloggers.  The world of blogging and using various social sites as a creative outlet has led to exciting possibilities, I can't wait to see what's next.

You can catch the 4 minute segment here, in the meantime here are some photo's from thursday's happenings.

Selfie with WNCN's Valonda Calloway

Yolande Macon and Lawrence Spivey

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