Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween

Today most certainly did not seem like Halloween to me, the weather was nasty, it wasn't just cold, it was rainy as well.  I did give out candy to trick or treaters brave enough to go out in the weather.  Anyway, I went and visited my classroom today, the teacher I am shadowing gave me permission to administer the spelling test to her class and oh boy...... All I have to say is I am glad I am attending this teaching conference this weekend and learning something about classroom management.

I was hoping to do a 30 for 30 challenge beginning tomorrow but after picking out 23 out of 30 items, I realized I HAVE too many clothes and I just cant restrict myself to just 30 items, I am hoping some other bloggers will in the near future do a 15 for 15 and maybe I can hop on that train, right Now I am just not confident in my remixing ability lol

Trench-like Jacket- Gap
White cardigan- NY&CO
blouse- NY&CO
pants- Gap (freakin 4 bucks!!)
shoes- Target (OLD)

And I have to share this video one of my friends shared with me that had me in TEARS!!!!
*disclaimer- you have to excuse the title of the video*

#1 this fool is on the clock
#2 people are walking by like NOTHING is happening 
#3 why did he take those glasses out of his pocket????
#4 that backflip o_o
#5 that split.... im officially done
#6 he walks off like nothing happened *cries*

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