Monday, October 31, 2011

 While blog hopping I came across this bloggers for health and decided to participate!! Im not a health nut by any means necessary BUT I try my very best every day to lead a healthy lifestyle. This weeks topic is your personal workout plan

What has your workout experience been in the past?
Years ago my LS (Line sister/sorority sister) talked me into joining o2 fitness and I was a faithful member there for about 4 years.  It's been about a year since I haven't renewed my membership and the only reason I didn't renew it was to cut back on spending.  Ever since I have had to be creative in ways to stay in shape and I am always trying something new... I've done pole dancing, yoga, you name it.  Currently I am dancing EVERYDAY with my xbox kinect and I promise you its a workout. I am sore right now from breaking in Dance central 2 (Just released last tuesday)..
Have you had a workout Plan before? If so, how long ago was it, and were there any difficulties you had with it? 
I've never had a workout plan per se', I think if I had one though, I'd stick to it for about 3 months then I'd want to do something new. I get bored easily. Hence trying pole dancing..... which is FUN FUN FUN by the way
How do you feel after working out?
I feel great!!! Just last weekend my sister told me that I was back to being "skinny" whatever that means. I never weigh myself, only at dr. appt's do I find out how much I weigh, so I just go with how I feel and I usually feel pretty dope!! 

I hope you all will share what and how you do to stay fit!! 

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  1. Oh, I want an xbox Kinect so bad! I'd love to try all the dance games. My workouts have to be fun or else I won't do them.