Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Playing with Colors

My favorite color is black, I will wear black all year long and just be content! I read somewhere to find where your comfort zone is and leave it there, black is my comfort zone.  I left it where I found it when I went to dillard's a couple weeks ago and found these Jessica Simpsons for 20 bucks!! I couldnt pass them up, I could just see cut off shorts neon shirts and these shoes in my future summer!! When I brought them home my babes first word were "what in the world are you going to wear those with?" A light bulb went off in my head and I put this skirt and sweater together and its been hanging in my closet for over a week now, I finally stopped being scared and wore it today :-)

Faux Leather Jacket- Macys
Neon Green sweater- Gap
Purple skirt- J. Crew
Heels- Jessica Simpson (Dillards)
Leopard Ipad case- Target
Necklace- Francesca's collection (gifted)

I really cant wait for summer now to rock these shoes!! 


  1. now you know I am loooooving this - I love love love colors!! you look super awesome.

  2. Way to work them colors lady. The JS's are hot! You look great!