Sunday, January 8, 2012

My First Wish List of 2012

One of my "resolutions" for 2012 is to manage my money a lot BETTER than I have been, so thus I am starting to place myself on a buying budget for the rest of the year. Starting in February I would like to give myself a $300 budget, if I have money left over I will use them like AT&T minutes and roll it over.  Under no circumstances am I to go OVER budget, we will see how well this works......  I don't plan to get all these things in the month but eventually I would love to get these or similar items (I am a budget shopper)

1. Jessica Simpson Statement Necklace. I don't have very much gold jewelry, but I love this necklace
2. A Backpack Purse. I could see myself using this bag almost everyday
3. A sexy Crochet One Piece bathing suit. I am a mother but I still want to look gorgeous at the beach
4. A Nice Pair of Sunglasses, Rayban's would be lovely
5. Mint green Jeans.  I am in love with this years pastel colors, I want these MORE than ANYTHING
6. Marc Jacobs Katie Turnlock Bracelet.  Like I said I don't own very much gold jewelry
7.  J.Crew Classic Jenna Bracelet
8. Skinny White Jeans.  My daughter messed up my favorite pair, so now I am on the hunt 
9. Nine West Sandal
10. Nine West Sandal.  These strap Sandals are sexy
11. Danielle Carmen Clutch Purse.  Doubles as a shoulder bag, I love clutches
12. Did It on em Nicki Minaj Opi nail color. I love this color, kind of reminds me of Fiona and Shrek
13. Fly Nicki Minaj Opi nail color.  Did you know I collect nail polishes?
14. Urban Decay Eye Shadow Primer. This is the best primer (IMO) I ran out and feel lost, in original of course
15. Urban Decay Lip Junkie. I fell in love with "wallflower" it isn't thick or sticky, just right
16. Make-up Forever Concealer. Tried a sample from Sephora and fell in love, my first time using concealer, and this was great!
17. Go Jane Red Pumps. Everyone needs a great pair of red pumps
18. J. Crew Boyfriend Sweatshirt. I'm an 80's baby what more reason do I need for wanting this sweater?

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