Friday, June 15, 2012

DIY Shredded shirt

So a few days ago I posted the shredded t shirt I finished weeks ago and I am finally getting around to finding the tutorial online. This isn't the exact tutorial I followed (sorry) but it essentially outlines the same process, all you need is a bit of creativity.  So here is the inspiration photo

 Camille over at childhood flames has a tutorial and video up on her website that is pretty helpful. Here is her photo

I personally took a men's Large undershirt, cut the bottom seam and pulled away at the threads.  Once I got the shredded effect I liked, I took the sleeves, cuffed them and sewed them down.  I have yet to wash this shirt because I am afraid of how it will come out after.  I think I will invest in some fray glue for fabrics and just hand wash it. I already have a few people asking me to make them some, but I promise you it's really really easy once you get started, its just time consuming. Here is my outcome

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  1. Nice!! I have to try that! You did a good job with it. Super cute.