Monday, June 18, 2012

Fedora + Loafers = SWAGG

I wore this outfit Saturday, it was such a nice and gorgeous day out, if I couldnt be at the beach I could pretend right?  I ended up driving to Wilson, Nc to spend the day with my line sister.  She's into crafting, sewing and everything in between.  They opened a hobby lobby there not too long ago and I've never been.  So we spent a good chunk of the day at Hobby Lobby, Walmart and Lowes.  Yall when I tell you I was winning on Saturday I was winning.  First of all Hobby Lobby had ALL Simplicity patterns for 99 cents... yes 99 cents (10 dollar limit). I didnt take full adavantage cause I walked out with only 4 patterns (I got back home and thought wtf was I thinking I should of had a haul).  Anyway I've also been looking for shantung fabric to make a maxi skirt and couldnt find it reasonbly priced ANYWHERE.... Just happened to find it in Walmart.  Asked the lady about a cheaper alternative (its 5.97/yd and I needed at least 6 1/2 yards) She ended up giving me the yardage for less than 1/3 of the actual cost. I was soooo happy. Enough rambling on to the 'fit

bermuda shorts- banana republic (Similar here and here)
Button up - J. Crew (Similar here )
Belt- Gap (Similar here)
loafers- Kohls (Similar here)
Fedora- American Eagle (Similar here)

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