Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Family (photo heavy)

My Aunt and Uncle moved into a new house a little over a month ago and had their house warming party today.  I love their house and even though it's a good little ways away from where I live I had to be there. My mother's side of the family was going to be there and they are a HOOT!!! I took a couple photo's of her house, but not enough to be putting her business out there....

My aunt and Uncle, the proud home owners

The dining room, this is after lunch so its a little messy

end of hallway piece

The kitchen and breakfast room


The garage with their new whip

Laundry room

I guess this would be the family room, its huge

They haven't quite decided what to do with it

Entryway decor
For the occasion I kept it simple, a maxi dress and a t-shirt over top tied to give it a little umph and of course my fedora.  I told my daughter to play dress up and she came up with "nerdy-swag" (her words not mine), it was so cute I had to take pictures of her.

Fedora- American Eagle, White tee- American Eagle, Maxi Dress- Target, Sandals- Candies

My baby cousin hopped in my pic lol

My Daughter and I

Her Nicki Minaj face

Yeah I let her play in my make-up too

Leaving kisses on her little brother

I love this photo of her

And my son, he graduates from preschool this week!!


  1. Gorge home..... And I can't believe you have a daughter that old you look so..... Young

  2. Easy breezy! The outfit is simply chic! You and your kids can pass for siblings...BDC! lol Your daughter is one stylish lil lady herself!