Friday, September 21, 2012

Minty Lace

I pulled an old item out of the closet and a new purchase together for this look.  I saw this lace shirt while wasting time in TJMaxx and HAD to have it.  I usually dont even go in TJMaxx but I must say I am now a fan and will be hitting their racks more often. 

Lace top- Tj Maxx (recent)
Cami- Target (recent)
Floral Skirt- H&M (old)
Booties- Target
Wallet- Guess


  1. Nice combo. I usually don't go in TJ Maxx either (zero patience) but I may need to drop by for a bit!

  2. love the skirt :)

  3. you've got an amazing blog. Lovely oufit too.