Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I Voted

I know I can't be the only one ready for this election to be OVER!!!! I took the day to spend time with my mother and we ended up going to vote together, early!! Now I can sit back relax and chill and wait for the outcome, I'm tired of the mudslinging.  I went and voted in style, anyone else voted already?

Sunnies- Gifted from my Big Sister
Jacket- Tj Maxx (recent)
Graphic tshirt- American Eagle (old)
Jeans- Levis (c/o Macys)
Pumps- Guess (c/o Tj Maxx)

Mom Dukes and I showing off our stickers!


  1. Lovely outfir..I totally luv d shoes x

  2. LOVE the all black!You and the mom are some FLY voting divas! I can't wait to vote. Early voting starts Saturday but I'm going after church on Sunday (gotta work Saturday).