Thursday, October 25, 2012

There is always a story

6 years ago my family was hit head on by a drunk driver.  My son, 7 months at the time, was unharmed, my daugher, 6 at the time, broke her arm. I broke my sternum and suffered a 2nd degree seat belt burn across my chest and Mr. sprained both ankles.  We were rushed to the hospital where they had to cut ALL our clothes off (I was wearing my absolute FAVORITE pair of jeans at the time and was highly upset, lol) and before we were discharged from Emergency room one of the workers (not sure if it was a nurse, doctor, or intern) gave Mr the shirt I am wearing in today's post.  We consider ourselves super lucky to still be here and this shirt reminds me why.  It was no easy feat getting Mr to let me borrow/wear the shirt.....

Jacket- Ann Taylor Loft (old)
Tshirt- Gifted
Jeans- Madewell
Booties- Candies (c/o Kohls)
Sunnies- Gifted
Arm Candy- Target, Guess, American Eagle
Necklace- Target


  1. wow! so glad you all came out of that tragic accident! crazy!! but a lovely shirt nontheless.

  2. wow! Thank God for u and ur family are okay. nice outfit :)

  3. Girl God is so awesome! I'm so glad your family is okay. But that shirt would never be returned to the Mr. if I was you, lol.