Thursday, February 13, 2014

Must Have: Beauty Products for my Dark Skin

I've never blogged about my beauty regimen, but I'm trying to be a better well-rounded blogger, so here's my chance.

It's no surprise that Lupita Nyong'o has gotten tons of attention after her amazing role in 12 years a slave, she's a knockout beauty, at least in my book.  I can honestly say as soon as I laid eyes on her in 12 years I instantly fell in love.  Seeing the world fawn over her brings a smile to my face.  Growing up girls that looked like me and inspired me where not in the spotlight at all.  I only wish Lupita was around when I went through that awkward teenage love myself phase.

Anyway, before I went off on a tangent, it has always been difficult for me to find beauty products that worked well and complimented my dark skin.  Up until about 2 years ago, I never wore make-up because of the lack of products I felt that were out there.  The hardest thing to find, in my opinion, is a good foundation.  I don't think I have to explain why.  I've tried bobbi brown, cover girl, loreal, mary kay, and whatever other beauty products that are sold door to door foundations.  I've tried liquids, powder, creams and finally decided to give a new generation of foundation a try...... black opal stick foundation and I must say I've finally found my match.  I also love love love reds and pinks and I am glad to share with you the products I have found thus far, that compliment all skin tones especially dark skin.  Some of the products I swear by and I use every day:

1. Clean and clear wash for sensitive skin
2. Garnier fructis gel moisturizer
3. Olay body lotion with shimmer
7. Mac finishing powder (keeps my skin from looking oily all day)
8. Anastasia eyebrow gel pot 
9. Black Opal shimmer bronzer (the best stuff ever, discontinued, I stocked up when I found out)
11. Stila Matte lip gloss (fiery red)
12. Mac Ruby woo matte lipstick (my absolute favorite red ever)

I make sure to drink lots and lots of water daily! Hope this helps loves. 

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