Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Arty Tee

The shirt I am rocking today literally has a piece of art on it. Good family friend Jamaal Barber gifted me with his "Gele 1" art piece printed on a tee shirt. The piece of art makes me think of a natural haired confident woman like myself and I knew I would love it.  With jeans and tees being a huge staple in my closet, this arty tee is right at home in my collection. What also makes this tee awesome is the hair wrap can be customized to the color of your liking.  You should definitely check out Jamaal's website to order your own tee and even take a look around at his works of art! 

The Gele 1 art printed tee 

Tee- J Barber Studio
Jeans- Express
Heels- Aldoshoes
anklet- Express
Sunglasses- AldoShoes
Bracelet- Ann Taylor

My customized pink head wrap


  1. lovely tee, I checked his website, nice designs he got... Just followed your blog between.