Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lazy Sunday

I swear I had planned to get about 5 lesson plans done today, but really all I did was chillax.  I really need to make a 2nd grade science assessment but that isn't pertinent either, I will just be up late nights again all week..... Can you blame me? I work too hard during the week so I like to chill on the weekends. Anyway I painted my nails, which I usually do every two days and I worked a little a knitted scarf that I am teaching myself how to do *yikes*  (of course I did a little dance Central, I am working on getting a video made so I can post it, wish me luck with that)

I went with China Glaze's Agent Lavender!

This is why I do my nails every two days religiously, I'm a nail polish junky.

 I want it to be a chunky knit scarf kind of like this, but I refuse to pay for it, so I've taken it upon myself to try and make it on my own. Of course it's not perfect but you wont be able to tell once I wrap it around my neck.

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