Friday, January 6, 2012

My First time Thrifting

I went to the goodwill not too far from my home and scored a colorful blazer and about 4 pairs of vintage earrings for about 11 bucks.  I am wearing that blazer today and a pair of the earrings as well.  The blazer had shoulder pads in it, which I promptly removed to make the blazer more up to date! My boo and I are also going to our first hockey game tonight with my colleagues so I am even more stoked about that.

Blazer- Thrifted
Black t-shirt- H&M
Black skinny trousers- The Limited
Black Booties- Express

Vintage earrings- Thrifted


  1. Oh my, I won. I never win anything. I am unable to find your email address. Can you please email me at so I can send you my address?

  2. That looks good on you. I love GW too! ^_^

    Mary, MI