Tuesday, May 29, 2012

To Sum up Memorial day Weekend

I had a six day weekend thanks to my birthday and memorial day, I truly enjoyed it.  Saturday my older sister took my baby sister and I out to breakfast for our birthday, which was rather sweet.

baby sis, me, older sis

White tee- Gap, Fuschia Skinnies- Gap 

Fall Semester of 2002 in college I decided to do an internship at Disney, I have not regretted that decision one day in my life.  While down there I met some amazing people and formed bonds with ladies I will never ever ever forget in my life.  One of those women, whom I haven't seen since we left the program in January of 2003 happened to be in my neck of the woods for the weekend.  I was SO stoked at the fact that after almost 10 years I would see her again.... It's those moments in my life that I am just thankful to have crossed paths with this woman, I love her to death and I hate that it took almost 10 years for us to see each other.  It was as if we hadn't been apart at all. 

Me and Gisella (Geeg)

Geeg and Tassi (we ended up at the bowling alley and shooting the breeze)

1/2 of 3302 (our apt number in Orlando, Fl)

I had to whoop up on em tho, no mercy

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